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I have been fortunate enough to have Theresa as my beautician for 3 months now. I really couldn’t understand the reason for the thinning and was literally afraid to put a comb thru it, let alone a brush! But Theresa's explained to me about the possibility of several causes, including hormonal imbalance and DHT and how the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, which is in the hair follicle oil glands already, converts testosterone into DHT and actually shrinks hair follicles, making it impossible for healthy hair to survive. Anyway, she has a knowledgeable and professional approach, which assured me that she was going to take care of me. This was calming and very reassuring to me. And so, with each & every visit, she always delivers a high standard of treatments and services; even letting me in on her “elixir” secrets too. Theresa is Awesome!!! You can tell that she absolutely loves her job and helping people too! I appreciate her so much!

- Elizabeth D.

My fiancée started getting her hair done at The Hair Club and I noticed quite a big difference in her appearance and her self-confidence. I also noticed that her self-image had improved too. I asked her who was taking care of her at that Hair Club. And so, with this review, I want to thank the young lady by the name of Theresa. Thank you, Theresa! Now I can take my fiancée out to dinner and she’s not self-conscious about it!

- Robert C.

I've been a client here for years. They have a great staff that makes you feel at home. Jenny and the other receptionists are always friendly.
Linda and Denise are my favorite stylists, both great people and skilled professionals.
I would highly recommend the location and the staff.

- Tony G.

I think hair club is great it has given me a boost in my confidence and the staff is awsome very attentive to me . Thank you Dee your a great stylist .

- Aldo D.

I’ve been coming to this Hair Club for about 3 years since Mark took over this location big improvement over all . He seams to care about his job and it reflects through his team. Of Styles’s and customer service. They truly want the client to be more than satisfied and I am truly one of them. Especially now. Thank you Mark for getting me back in and getting my hair the way I like it. Stephanie Hall is my Stylist if you can tell her what you want she can actually make it happen are she can create and awesome look . It is worth the drive thanks again loyal customer.

- Mickey S.

I have had a great experience with Hair Club. The staff are extremely friendly, and I am definitely seeing an improvement in the quantity and thickness of my hair!

- Qahir H.

I would like for everyone to know that I am so satisfied with HairClub, the experience has changed my life so much. I am feeling so beautiful, so great, I have men and women telling me how great my hair looks, and the color I have chosen compliments my skin tone.

My hair stylist, Leah is so great, she understands the hair styles that fit my personality. I love the extra care you receive when you are sitting in your stylist chair.

Anyone who has experienced severe hair lost, should speak with a HairClub Specialist asap! to start their Awesome experience that you will receive, and not to mention a lifetime of beauty.

- LaSandra R.

HC provides a solution that works and is affordable.

- Andrea L.

Andria, Moni, Richard, and the entire staff are friendly, professional, and dedicated to customer service. They treat their clients like family and keep them looking good. I highly recommend this center!

- Gary

I’ve had a few stylists at this particular location and the service that Christine Zack has given me is the best. I also loved Dinora!

- Pamela R.