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o glad that I finally decided to come into the club and have an analysis done, I was more than pleased with the professional solution that was suggested for my concerns and very excited with the final results. The management and staff at the Bedford facility are awesome, I would highly recommend you stopping into see them .

- Chris

My happiness and full plenitude! The Hair Club gave me a new life, self confidence, love for myself, and a whole new family. I am so plenty and living a full life, I became a proud “Brand Ambassador” of The Hair Club not ashamed of myself as I used to be. I have cried enough, sufferd enough... but now, thanks to HC.... we have laughed, shared, cried.... The Hair Club became my family and I so much love in gratitude 🙏 everyone from my amazing stylist “Nayeli” to everyone in the staff and TV production team. I ❤️ The Club!

- Sandra P.

I have had hair loss since I was in my mid 30'. I tried everything but nothing worked. I have some medical conditions as well. In my mid 40's it started to thin out a lot on my scalp area. The first thing families and friends noticed was my hair. They would make comments of how I looked. 

I looked into getting hair transplant done, but was very scared and the cost was way too much. Then it was in 2016, I started to do more research on how I can get my hair back. My husband and both my children were always very supportive of me. Then I learned of the Hair Club and did more research. I discussed the options with my husband and we both decided to get more information. I was very hesitant as I could not believe that there was hope for me. I felt this is it for me. 

I did make an appointment to see the consultant at the Hair Club - Vancouver and was very fortunate to have met Brooke - Image Consultant in September of 2018. My first session with Brooke was amazing. As I walked into the door, she greeted me with open arms. Brooke made me feel like a human being again. She was so amazing, professional and has great people skills. I had so many questions and Brooke answered them with no hesitation and with a lot of confidence. I really felt comfortable with Brooke and built a trusting relationship with her right away. I finally found an angel who was willing to help me. Brooke fully understood how I felt when I shared with her how people made fun of my hair thinning. I told her I had lost hope. I told Brooke I could never imagine a head full of hair. She kept on assuring me that I will get the hair that I have always been wishing for. I was very excited and went home and shared this great experience that I had with Brooke with my husband and my daughter. Then another medical condition popped up in my life and I had to put this on hold. I was really sad. 

Then it was a day before my birthday, I received a call from Brooke, my guardian angel. It all happend, It was mid December that I had a full head of hair. For a long time, I had stopped looking at my self in the mirror. Now I look at my self in the mirror and sometimes I just sit there with tears in my eyes. I cannot believe I have a full head of hair. Dreams do come true. 

I met Melissa - Stylist Supervisor in mid December and she made the impossible, possible. Melissa is genuine. She is amazing. She is a true professional. Melissa's calm nature and willingness to work with me and giving me a style that not only looks great but easy to handle and manage. 

Then I met Mojdeh, the manager at the Vancouver Location and Mojdeh's caring nature made at every level of experience that I received incredible. This team of staff (Brooke, Melissa and Mojden) are an amazing team . These ladies are professional. Each one of them understood my needs and made me feel so good about myself. I cannot thank them enough and I have no words to describe my experience at each level with these amazing ladies. Thanks so much to Mojdeh, Brooke and Melissa.

- Nellie

They gave me the most beautiful hair that is easy to manage the color is perfect I am very happy with the hair club,I do t know what I would do without them. The service is exceptional they work very hard and are compassionate

- Ina M.

Sheila my stylist does an outstanding job. I wasn’t happy losing my other stylist who was let go. After working with Sheila I’ve realized how lucky I am to have her. She does a fantastic job for me from my color to application. I’ve had a wonderful experience with Sheila. You have a true gem with her.

- Randall B.

I have been a client for a number of years. The experience at my center in Jacksonville over all these years has been nothing but the best! The people there are caring, kind, and very understanding. Aaron, Jahira, Dani, Monica, and everyone else at this center go out of there way to make me feel special! I am so thankful to all of them. I will continue to be a part of this family as long as possible!!!

- Michael W.

They make it right every time . Mark works hard to run a good staff of people pleasers sincerely dedicated to provide great service and a great finished product and backs to your satisfaction! Stephanie Hall is my stylist I tell her what I like it’s like miracle hands! If you haven’t tried them I recommend them highly. I’ve tried everything this is the only consistent place and set up that works for me!!!! Thanks again for all that you do for me.

- Mickey S.

The service is excellent, tremendous staff and bd I would recommend it to my friends and family!

- Irene B.

Satisfying experience from the office staff to all the stylist's.

- Bill

I have been with the Club for many years. The staff is great and provides exceptional service. My favorite stylist is Karen, she takes very good care of my hair.

- Marian C.