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treated well.

- Victor D.

I have been a client at Hair Club New Hyde Park for ten years. This should be an indication of how pleased I am with the service. The staff is warm, friendly and helpful. Charlene at the front desk always makes sure that I am comfortable while waiting for Beverly, my awesome and talented stylist. The yearly theme parties that are given to show client appreciation are amazing.

- Rodley

I was very nervous during my initial consultation. The staff quickly put me at ease and explained everything clearly to me. My stylist Kim has been amazing! The HairClub has changed my me more self confidence and I love my hair! I would gladly recommend Hair Club to anyone and everyone who are thinking of trying them!

- Lynn B.

Everyone is friendly and professional.  Center could use a little bit of a remodel and redecoration.

- Doug L.

I have been a client for 17 years, and not gonna lie, been some ups and downs. First the bads. An occasional system would come in not the right shade or not the right texture and I would have to wait several weeks for the new one to come in so I would have to make do with the defective one for a while until a replacement could be obtained (which they always graciously do), which was kind of a pain, and some of the stylists I’ve had over the past have been better than others, some very hip and trendy and have great ideas and others would basically just stand there and expect me to tell them exactly what I wanted them to do, and would even get a little irritated if I asked them for their opinion, saying things like “don’t ask me, it’s up to you“, while I’m thinking “I trust your judgment which is why am asking you what style might look best on me“. 

But having said that, when you’ve been coming to a place for nearly 20 years you are bound to have a few less than stellar experiences. On the whole though, it’s been a great experience and a godsend to people like me that started losing their hair at an early age and just cannot seem to get the nerve to do a hair transplant at a place like Bosley or something. Everything is a little expensive but you get what you pay for, and unless someone is actually running their fingers through my hair at the front and felt the frontal line, no one has ever been able to tell that I am wearing a system. And some of the stylists have been extremely wonderful, like my current one Elizabeth, very young and very trendy and has a lot of great ideas, but also is professional enough that if she isn’t positive what to do she will say “I’m not quite sure how to do what you’re asking but let me ask someone with a little more experience“, which I find is very refreshing and very professional. She has lots of great ideas and I’ve always gotten good cuts from her. And I’m not going to lie, I am sort of a public figure and I am extremely picky and sometimes can probably be kind of a pain, wanting things to look perfect, but Elizabeth always accommodates that and does to the best of her ability to give me exactly what I want. And if I’m not 100% satisfied I can go in anytime and she will do a fix up or a tweak here and there and make it look like I wanted it, and is very patient with me if I decide to go with a kind of a totally new style and she works a couple hours on it and then the next week I come back and I say “I’ve decided I don’t like it”, and she will without hesitation start working on it to make it more what I was thinking of.

It seems like I often get a stylist I like a lot but then a lot of times they end up leaving, so I hope Elizabeth doesn’t leave any time soon! She’s great and I totally recommend her! She’s a sweetie and very friendly and very knowledgeable about styles and how the systems work, and how to use product, stuff that I know nothing about! Two thumbs up! I will continue to be a client !!

- Jeff

If I didn't enjoy my experience with Hair Club and the professionalism I would have gone to a another company years ago. Chellie and team are wonderful and friendly.

- Randy C.

Hairclub is the best company I've ever joined. I started with them back in July of 2017 because I was losing my hair since I was in my teens and 20s. I had a double wammy because I was receding and thinning at the same time from the top front of my head to the back. 
I first researched the company and checked out its website, and liked what I read so I made an appointment.
When I first got to the Queens center, I was skeptical and I had my doubts but now I'm a believer!
I know a lot of people say this but I'm gonna repeat it because it's true. This was the best thing I ever did for myself and I should have done this a long time ago!
The company has a lot to offer its clients along with great hair. 
They pay for your parking while you're there.
They have a private secure waiting area that always has free snacks and beverages available for you.
They help children under the age of 18 restore their hair free of charge.
The staff like Jenni, Ada and Joel and stylists like Ana, Diana, Tara, Madison, and Latia, etc. are very polite and understanding and give you great tips and advice on how to maintain your new hair. They also have a good work ethic making sure that you have your appointments scheduled and products as needed, and by making you look your very best every time you go for a visit.
The company is very accomodating and flexible when it comes to your financial situation as well. They allow you to pay in installments and any payments you make are credited toward other hair restoration solutions if you're not satisfied and/or want to try a different solution.
They have hair restoration solutions for men AND women of all ages and races with almost every type of hair loss from just thinning to complete baldness.
No company or employee is perfect but what's important is that Hairclub has come a long way in more than 40 years. They have improved their hair restoration solutions customizing them to each client's need and will keep improving them in the future.
And just like with everything, there are pros and cons, but the pros outweigh the cons because since I've joined, I look younger and more handsome than I ever did! And the compliments at work, at home and in my personal life have been abundant! 
I feel so much better about myself and I'm the happiest I've been in a very long time! And you can be too! I actually enjoy going out in public and taking pictures and videos now whereas before I would avoid them. I don't have to wear a hat anymore either to cover my bald spot.
So to all those people out there that have suffered with hair loss throughout their lives as I have and that have been criticized, judged or even felt inferior to others with full heads of hair, and that have had self confidence or self esteem issues, join the Hairclub today! The consultation is free! What have you got to lose besides more hair! 
You don't have to be sad or depressed about your appearance anymore. 
Call the Queens Hairclub center now and ask for Jenny M. (a sweetheart). You won't regret it. I love my new hair and you will too. Improve yourself because you deserve it and you are worth it! I'll see you all out there at the Hairclub. Take care my brothers and sisters. Best of luck.
A satisfied client.

- Mario O.

The staff in Las Vegas is great! The consultants are very helpful with options, etc. The stylist are the best! Always doing great work, suggesting trendy styles. The management and front desk are very sensitive to the clients' needs, schedules, and confidentiality. The facility could probably use some updating. Long time clients should get discounts.

- Joey

Hair Club has always been flexible with me and my last minute calls for appointments. I enjoy coming in and chatting with the girls - Kelly, Elyce, Christina, and now Beth. I'm coming in for color on my own hair now and I appreciate the welcome I receive when I am there.

- Joe G.

Closer to home. Very good experiences with HC.

- Butch C.